From a young age I’ve always enjoyed moving to music. I studied ballet, tap & modern in my early years. I was 12 when I found a class called “Street Jazz”, since then I haven’t looked back. Street Jazz quickly developed into Street Dance, I’ve studied in London and NYC taking classes in all the styles: House, Hip Hop, Lockin’, Dance Hall, Waacking & Break Dance. My love has always been in teaching, since childhood I’ve enjoyed making up dances with my friends and performing them for my family. It was only natural that at the age of 17 I took my first teaching qualification and at just 18 I founded Holly’s School of Dance. I have the best job in the world, being able to teach children and adults to have as much fun as I did growing up and keeping fit is an added bonus.



I grew up in Zimbabwe where dancing was a cultural thing. At the young age of 5 my mother would take me to parties and have me dance and entertain. I’ve always loved dance but could never fully develop as there were no dance Schools in my town. All that changed when I came to England and in 2003 I started breakdancing at my School thanks to my drama teacher who used to dance in the 80s. At college I met Holly who introduced me to Street Dance and choreography. She saw the passion I had for dance and trained me into an instructor. 2007 I started my own dance company Hip Hop Inc. Since then I’ve been teaching and performing in a number of events; Breaking Convention and the U.K. Street Dance Championships. I love teaching and working with adults and children helps me pass on what was passed to me.



Dancing has been a passion of mine since I started with Holly’s School of Dance at the age of 8. I have participated in all the shows, completed 3 Street Dance Exams where I obtained great results and in 2013 I was invited to join #Fresh, competing and performing in local events as well as the Uk Street Dance Championships. I have been teaching for less than a year but am already enjoying every second of it. Working with young people and helping them to progress with their dancing is extremely rewarding, good fun and I love the challenge of creating my own choreography. I look forward to meeting you all soon in class…