Exam Entry

Terms & Conditions

Our exams are through the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA), upon obtaining a pass result children will receive a report form, certificate and/or medal/plaque.

You give your permission for your child to take part in Street Dance Exams that will take place between 12.00pm and 5.00pm at Byfleet Primary School, King’s Head Lane, Byfleet, KT14 7AT on Saturday the 26thFebruary 2022. (If you’re over 18, you give your permission for Holly’s School of Dance to enter you into IDTA Street Dane Exam’s)

Sign your child in on arrival and sign your child out upon collection. Parents are asked to wait socially distanced outside the School building/in car. Dancers to wear masks while walking around the school, masks may be taking off when performing. Exam should take approx. 20 mins in total. Your child will be given an exam time 2 weeks prior to the exam date.

Payment must be made 2 weeks before the exam day by cash or bacs – please request details as needed.

All dancers taking their exams are to wear their Holly’s outfits with black leggings/joggers with trainers. If you do not have a Holly’s t-shirt or hoodie, please wear suitable alternative.

Please do check your records to ensure your child will be put in for the correct examination. Holly’s School of Dance take no responsibility if you have entered your child in for the wrong examination. To avoid this happening, please ask your dance teacher for assistance.

I understand that fees are non-refundable or deductible due to non attendance/sickness.

I understand that lost property is not the responsibility of Holly’s School of Dance.

I declare that I am/my child/children are fit and that their health will not suffer by taking part in the exams.

I give my consent for Holly’s School of Dance to share mine/my child/children above personal details with the IDTA to enable the IDTA dance examinations to be conducted by an IDTA appointed examiner and a report, certificate and award (as appropriate) to be produced for myself/my child/children. Personal details include, but are not limited to: First name, Second name, age, branch code (SDN), grade code (e.g. (3GB), pin number and date of test). Personal details are held and used by the IDTA in accordance with their Privacy Notice which can be found on the IDTA website at:https://www.idta.co.uk/privacy- notice/Personal Data, in relation to specific IDTA examinations, is required by the Department for Education (regulated qualifications – grades and performer awards) and the Leanings Records Service as detailed in the IDTA’s Privacy Notice.