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Holly’s School of Dance was founded 16 years ago.

We are dedicated to teaching everyone of all backgrounds, all ages and all abilities to dance. We offer great classes where fun, skill & development are our main objectives.

Holly, Perry & Rebecca are experienced, qualified teachers who have an undisputed love for dance and teaching. These classes help combat obesity, encourage teamwork & provide a safe and friendly environment in which to learn.

Examination opportunities are held yearly – completely optional but much encouraged so that students can see their progress and challenge themselves to achieve (and the certificates and medals which are handed out 6 weeks after the exam date are quite fun to receive too).

We also have 2 shows per year as well as other performance opportunities such as School assemblies, fairs and end of term displays so friends and family can see our progress.

#Fresh & lil#Fresh are our Crews that compete. Working hard in class and showing commitment & dedication will result in an invitation to join these crews.

Congratulating Perry for winning 1st Place in the UK Street Dance Championships in November 2015 as well as 3rd Place Poppin in November 2016, 4th Place Freestyler in the Uk Street Dance Challenge 2017, 1st Place Freestyler in the Uk Street Dance Challenge Event April 2018 and now 3rd Place in the Uk Street Dance Challenge Event November 2018!