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Holly’s School of Dance was founded 18 years ago.

We are dedicated to teaching everyone of all backgrounds, all ages and all abilities to dance. We offer great classes where fun, skill & development are our main objectives.

Holly, Perry & Rebecca are experienced, qualified teachers who have an undisputed love for dance and teaching. These classes help combat obesity, encourage teamwork & provide a safe and friendly environment in which to learn.

We specialise in Street Dance & Hip Hop including Break Dance, House Dance, Tuttin, Lockin’, Waacking, Reggeaton. We even offer Zumba, Clubbercise and Pilates Classes.

Classes are available for ages 5+ all the way up to adulthood. Dancing has been proven to keep us all younger for longer and in our opinion, it’s never too late to start, be brave and go for it!

We offer extra-curricular classes Monday-Saturday at a number of locations including Byfleet, Woking and Staines. This is a great opportunity for helping to keep children active when School is done. It’s a chance to meet new friends outside of School which helps improves self-confidence and encourages children/adults to try new things. Or it just means you can join more than one dance class per week!

We offer classes in School’s. We’ll do everything, advertising, organize registers as well as come in and promote the club in your assemblies – we can even offer free workshops to encourage attendance or simply help School’s to encourage health and fitness. Each teacher of Holly’s School of Dance is fully qualified, experienced and dedicated to ensuring all classes are fun & challenging as well as designed to improve co-ordination, confidence & ability.

Class times range from 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes long and are organized by School Year. E.g. Thursday’s Street Dance Class for Years 3-4. If your child seems to excel they will be offered the opportunity to join higher classes or our competitive groups.

Class prices range from £2.50-£10.00 a class, depending on which class you attend fees are payable weekly, ½ termly or termly.

Classes run in line with the School’s academic year as best we can. Notification of dates is given out 2 weeks towards the end of the current term.

Examination opportunities are held yearly – completely optional but much encouraged so that students can see their progress and challenge themselves to achieve (and the certificates and medals which are handed out 6 weeks after the exam date are quite fun to receive too).

We also have 2 shows per year as well as other performance opportunities such as School assemblies, fairs and end of term displays so friends and family can see our progress.

#Fresh is our Street Dance Crew that compete. Working hard in class and showing commitment & dedication will result in an invitation to join these crews. We just placed 2nd at the BDO Comp on Sunday 21st November 2021!

Congratulating Perry for winning 1st Place in the UK Street Dance Championships in November 2015 as well as 3rd Place Poppin in November 2016, 4th Place Freestyler in the Uk Street Dance Challenge 2017, 1st Place Freestyler in the Uk Street Dance Challenge Event April 2018 and now 3rd Place in the Uk Street Dance Challenge Event November 2018!